{{At the outset, let me clarify : having or not having a human baby, or deciding to adopt, or deciding to own a pet are all valid options and I stand by your decision. This blog post is not meant to belittle anyone’s decision on anything they do in life. It is merely my rambling on that sudden feeling that I got, that made me feel I could manage being responsible for another human being.}}

I am going to paint you a picture of my life pre-baby coos & diapers..

I am a career woman and very proud of it! I enjoy working, and being a part of the corporate world…. It's about financial freedom as much as it is about putting my skills to good use. So yes, there was always a lingering doubt that perhaps a baby would impact how I perform at work and halt my growth trajectory… 

Another aspect : “social life” 

My husband is an absolute star when it comes to hosting parties, and I enjoy basking in the compliments people give him. 

Although we love interacting with friends, my husband and I are also an island.. in the sense, we enjoy each other’s company and never really felt the need to expand our family because just “us” was good enough. 

So what changed in 2019? How did I suddenly feel ready to be a mother?

Honest truth - I didn’t!

There is no magical bell that rings in your brain, nor do you suddenly develop maternal instincts where there are none. 

The fear that a baby will cramp your style is real, and it plagues a lot of us. 

I felt ready to try for a baby because more than reasons for, I finally had more reasons why not.

Believe me, I took the pregnancy test thrice, because I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me! But the minute it sunk in, my mental make-up automatically went into acceptance mode and I started looking forward to every single milestone - the first ultrasound, the gender reveal, the first hiccup, the ninja kick! It felt like “life was unfolding as it should…” 

I was 34 then, and genuinely felt satisfied having lived life on my own terms, with zero regrets thus far. So tweaking it a bit, to accept someone who will give it a new dimension, was no longer overwhelming or an imposition! I knew that I had the mental maturity now to deal patiently with a baby and more importantly, enough common sense to do a good job of it. 

{{ So this is what I have to say to people on the fence… Don’t keep waiting for that magical “100% ready” feeling! 

Heck, I am 10 months in and most days I still don’t feel ready. But the trick is just the same as anything that overwhelms you- break it down! 


Not for a single day have I regretted this decision. 

Our lives are topsy-turvy: I am suddenly a morning person and not out of choice, dirty diapers don’t make me raise an eyebrow or cover my nose anymore, I can sing almost all nursery rhymes and I miss my baby girl the minute I put her down to sleep at night. 

Yes, your life will change. But change doesn't have to be bad... It's okay to feel unsure and not have all the answers already… I think parenthood is about winging it, trust me we all are! :)