People say that motherhood teaches you to be patient. 

I always assumed it meant patience to deal with your little one, a helpless, innocent and curious being. 

Turns out, motherhood actually taught me to be patient with myself!

If you are someone who thinks too fast and too much, oftentimes your hand can't keep up with your mind. I am like that. I want to do multiple things at once, I even read 2-3 books at a time (at least I used to!)… because I want to catch up with the world. I want a chance at being wise. I want to keep becoming a better version of myself. 

This is perhaps also the reason why I started a small business, because it gave me an avenue to learn things beyond my comfort zone, so scary but also so exciting! 

Circling back to the past few months, I now call “QuirkyHippieDecor” my naptime business, because I can only work 1-2 hours a day when the baby sleeps. 

I no longer have the luxury of spending an entire morning curling with a book, nor an entire evening hunched over on my table dotting or drawing. 

But here is what I have learnt in the past 9 months- 


Motherhood has given me the calm to realize that I set my own targets, and they are flexible. I don't have to achieve a certain professional title just because someone else my age has, or because based on my education, I am expected to. I don't have to reach a 100 sales a month, at the expense of family time. 

It's not easy for me at all, but I am slowly understanding that the pause button is just as important as play. My daughter’s childhood will not return, but everything else can and will. 

No, this doesn't not mean I am no longer ambitious. On the contrary, I now have perspective. Perhaps I have now really understood what prioritization is. This is baby step one for me.

Next step will be balance - how do I manage everything without feeling burnt out, especially as I now prepare to get back to the corporate world post maternity leave. 

Come to think of it, this journey of motherhood is just like any other professional role I have held. It tests me everyday, and all the obstacles that come my way need creative problem solving. I need to organize my life, and make every second count. I grow as much everyday as a person, as does my child. 

What an amazing realization this is!

Of course, motherhood gives me a perk no job will- unconditional love and lots of cuddles!